Iris Felder is a Fitness Enthusiast, Beauty Guru, Real Estate professional, and an all around Wellness Activist. Her positive energy and motivation lights up a room. Iris was inspired to embrace fitness and healthy lifestyle as her saving grace from her life experiences. Instead of getting depressed about career and relationship, she turned that into a motivational tool to command change in her life. 

The Myriad of activities never lacked in Iris's life while growing up. She attended dance school, trained with Marines in Quantico, VA, and experienced many fellow trainers. We all go through that one D-day experience in our life that proves to be a game changer. For Iris it was almost being diagnosed with high blood pressure that prompted her to make a serious life change.

Going Vegan for 3.5 years as a personal experiment, it really changed her perspective towards whole food nutrition and how it plays a huge role while working out. After properly educating herself on nutrition and fitness, she has now successfully achieved her body goals. When you know better you do better. 

She is an alumni of Devry University with a Bachelors in Accounting/Technical Management. Apart from fitness being her passion, she also thoroughly enjoys instructing classes and sharing her personal healthy recipes. When she is not at the gym, you will find her dancing the night away or relaxing with a cup of Chai or in a park with friends. 

With all of her combined fitness experience, she has created the most effective workouts that women can do from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else. Her plan also includes  nutritional meal ideas that accommodates pescatarian, plant based recipes.