How To Eat Healthy at BBQs

Cookout season is in full effect! Nothing like the smell of good ole BBQ sauce in the air. It takes me back. With all shindigs, a variety of temptations are there to knock us off of our fit game. Like, cake, ice cream, pasta salad, potato salad, tuna salad, etc. To help you maintain your healthy eating habits, I have a few tips to prevent you from mindless eating. 

HAVE A GAME PLAN : Before you get to the cookout, decide what you will be eating and drinking. This way you will hold yourself accountable.

BRING SOMETHING HEALTHY: Because I am a pescatarian, cookouts are like "carb central". As you know, I can't handle too many carbs, so I offer to bring a nice summer salad or fruit salad. 

PROTEIN FIRST: Fill up on your protein first. Don't get too crazy with the BBQ sauce. NOTE:Along with my green salad, I will bring my preferred veggie burgers, which is "Beyond Meat Plant-based Burgers" . I don't think you can ever go too wrong with deviled eggs. I load those things up on my plate. LOL!

HYDRATE: For every alcoholic beverage you drink 1 glass or a bottle of water. You'll be less likely to over eat this way.

PORTION CONTROL: You want to eat enough that you are satisfied, but not going back up for seconds. 

GET THAT ASS MOVING: If the cookout is in a big park, get out there with the kids and play catch, go running with the dog, or jump some rope! 

ENJOY YOURSELF: Most importantly, make sure you have a great time! If you fall of the wagon, it's okay. You are human. LOL! Just get back with it the next day!