A Testimony To Iris Fit

A Testimony.png


November 2016……


I am a 57 year-old women. My life has been active and I have been committed to working out since I was 25 with running, Spin, yoga, Zumba and the craze of the moment. But, all of a sudden I was now a widow of six months, and I had just had a less than positive appointment with my internists after reviewing my lab work.


The doctor’s concern about sugars, nutrition, and vitamins was unnerving enough, but her suggestion that I add weight training to my heavy cardio-loaded workouts was instant anxiety…that week I met Iris and committed to IrisFit and received the support I needed to define my goals and lifestyle change.


Within a month I knew I had made the RIGHT decision to commit to IrisFit:

    • I benefitted from her expertise in physiology and skilled training.

    • I was able to focus on nutrition in a positive and sustainable way. I learned about protein and supplements that made me feel better.

    • I benefitted from the accountability we shared. Coach Iris was there for me and I did not want to let her down.

    • I was able to avoid depression that I feared by having the early morning routine to set my day positively and burn calories

    • I liked weight training and felt better about myself. I was stronger than I thought.

    • Taking IrisFit de-tox tea I no longer felt bloated


In August of 2017 I went sheepishly back for my annual check-up afraid to hear about bad cholesterol, weight, and other negatives from age. To my surprise and delight, the doctor was full of praise for the improvement of my results. When I told her about my IrisFit commitment, she said, “Stick with that workout. It is the best thing you can do for aging is sustain your balance and strength.” In fact, with IrisFit, I no longer need to take calcium.


Still working out with IrisFit every week and still love her energy, knowledge about fitness and healthy living, and commitment to helping others achieve their goals.


Thank you for all the positive in my life, IrisFit.