My Tips For Melting Belly Fat


Who wants to have their cake and eat it to? Welp, that sounds like a dream. LOL! If you are seeking to shed belly fat, the last thing you want to do is have cookies, cakes, or ice cream on a daily basis. Instead, I am going to share my tips on melting the tummy and seeing that sculpted 6 pack. 


No Alcohol.jpeg

#1. ALCOHOL is the devil! Ha! If you are trying to snatch that waistline, drinking is the enemy. Due to the spirits being dense in calories, it can add to size of your stomach. Yikes! I know you don't want that. Just think about it this way. Would you eat a stick of butter? Probably not right. Every gram of alcohol contains the same amount of calories as a gram of butter. As a result, you will have a fuller stomach i.e weight gain. Note to self. Keep the drinking to none and/or minimal. 


#2. NUTRITION IS KEY! You have to eat clean, in order to, really see results. NO FRIED! Only baked, grilled, or broiled. Eliminate and/or control processed sugar and sodium. Always hydrate and drink plenty of water!


#3. JUST CRUNCHES WILL NOT GET YOU ABS. I'm here to share the harsh truth. Crunches will tone your abs. However, it will not shed the layer of fat sitting on top of them. To lose fat, you have to get your body moving!! One way that gets great results in little time is HIIT (high intensity interval training). It helps to increase the metabolic rate forcing your body to use up all stored energy A.K.A the "jiggly" in a shorter period of time. Performing HIIT movements for 20 minutes, 3 times a week would surely burn fat. I incorporate this style of training in my workout routines. 


#4. Don't Get stuck in a routine. SWITCH IT UP! Keep your muscles guessing. Switch up your moves every few weeks. The longer you commit to a program the more efficient the body becomes at doing it. In result, you use less energy and burn fewer calories.  You can make small adjustments to the exercises to you are performing.  For example. you can add more resistance or weight. Or add more reps. 


#5. DETOX TEA. In addition to your water intake and healthy nutrition, I highly recommend incorporating a detox tea. I have tried so many detox teas. Some don't work. Others work a little. My FAVORITE to date is the IASO TEA. It rids the body of toxins and impurities that we digest everyday. Consistency is key and it will surely eliminate any bulge or bloat that you have going on. 

 I hope my tips will help you in your journey to BEASTING that six pack. I am here for you to win!