My Morning Mindset

When I wake up, I like to say a prayer then get my mind right for the gym. I am grateful for every day I am given the opportunity to LIVE. For a period of my life, I wasn't living. I wasn't learning, changing, or evolving.  And anything that does not grow is truly dead.  With the help of fitness, I was able to change my mindset and embrace new habits that helped me evolve into the woman you see today.

Practicing these habits really sets the tone for my day and puts me in a great state of mind. Everyone should be able to control their mood for the first 30 minutes of the day, in my opinion. Focusing my energy and mindset on the positive ensures that I'll have an amazing workout and a productive day. With a 5 AM wake up call, it's best to be in better spirits. Negative energy is too easy to give in to. So say a prayer, get focused, and prepare yourself to have a spectacular day!