6 Healthy On The Go Snacks

6 Healthy On the Go Snacks

Hey Guys! When you’re about this healthy lifestyle, the way you snack changes dramatically. Ideally, you want something fast that still supports your fit goals. Between working out and running to appointments, snacks can get pretty tricky. Whether, I am traveling or just an extremely busy day, I’ve learned to keep healthy snacks in my purse. Check out my go to list on treats that are both deelish and nutritious!





Justins Snack Pack.jpg

Justin’s honey Peanut Butter +  Banana Chips


Gluten free snack with 5g of protein for a great energy boost!

Blue Diamond Whole Almonds.JPG

Blue Almond Whole Natural Almonds


These almonds are scrumptious and will fill you up!


Mamma Chia Green Magic Chia Squeeze

$25 (Pack of 16)

A 70 Calorie treat that provides you with Omega-3s, protein and fiber. So Bomb!

Power Crunch-ChocMint.jpg

Power Crunch Protein Bar - Chocolate Mint


With 13 grams of protein and chocolatey mint taste, this is ideal to satisfy your sweet tooth.

sabras Hummus with Pret.jpg

Sabras Hummus with Pretzels


Combo snack that has absolutely no cholesterol!


Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame with Sea Salt


With 13 grams of protein and 8g of fiber, this is the perfect heart healthy snack .