Detox Your Way to Snatched!!


Welcome to Squad Snatched!!

As you all start your fitness journeys, I wanted to share my detox tips that helped me along my way.

  1. Avoid any processed sugars - bread, candy, cake, chips, etc. THROW IT OUT.

  2. Drink a gallon of water a day - this will help to flush toxins

  3. Drink 2 - 3 glasses of IASO DETOX TEA - I still have a glass of tea with 3 of my meals. IASO tea gets rid of the parasites and toxins and purifies the bloodstream, kidney, liver. It aids in flushing the fat away. I ABSOLUTELY SWEAR BY THIS. 

  4. Leafy Greens are your best friend. You should have 5-6 cups of greens daily.

  5. Drink a tablespoon on of Apple Cider Vinegar daily. This will help to decrease appetite.

  6. No fried foods AT ALL

  7. Good Carbs - Brown rice, baked sweet potatoes, or Quinoa

  8. Regulate condiments

  9. Eat Lean Protein - chicken, turkey, fish

  10. Workout at least 30 minutes for 5 -6 days a week.  

  11. Avoid Dairy. The only exception is greek yogurt. Preferably with 15g protein.

Try out these wonderful tips and let me know of your results in our accountability group.

Remember, I am here to support you all in every way I can.