Thanksgiving Game Plan


Here are my fitness tips to tackle Thanksgiving with no next day regrets. Some of my suggestions may surprise you. However, this race we call life is a marathon not a sprint. With that being said, I believe there is a balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle all while enjoying life. Check out these HAUTE Thanksgiving tips below.


DO NOT SKIP WORKING OUT ON THANKSGIVING. I want you to wake up as early as possible. Whether you are at home or in a gym, it’s important that you give 100% effort. I always recommend doing interval training so that you burn MAX calories.

THE DAY AFTER. Friday, I want you to TURN UP your weights and LIFT HEAVY. I already know that you have loaded up on a good amount of protein and carbs.

Use the caloric surplus for a powerful workout! Credit to Gerald Munson, Personal Trainer/Coach Phila, PA.



WATER. I always encourage staying hydrated. On this day, try to have two 8oz glasses of water mixed with two tablespoons of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar. add a lemon if you’re feeling fancy. This will prevent over eating.


LOAD UP ON THE PROTEIN. Listen, I know you all hype for the mac”n” cheese, crack yams, and cornbread, but hear me out. I’m not suggesting that your don’t have them at all. I’m saying fill your plate with the turkey, baked chicken, or roast beef, veggies, and portion the rest. You can even go back for seconds. Whatever you do, DO NOT take any plates to go.

DESSERTS. Taste the desserts. Small portions is key. Credit Gerald Munson, Personal Trainer/Coach Philadelphia, PA

You’d be surprised how full you get just sampling. I have a obsession with the sweet treats!

Everyone have a warm and wonderful

Thanksgiving Day!!!

How To Eat Healthy at BBQs

Cookout season is in full effect! Nothing like the smell of good ole BBQ sauce in the air. It takes me back. With all shindigs, a variety of temptations are there to knock us off of our fit game. Like, cake, ice cream, pasta salad, potato salad, tuna salad, etc. To help you maintain your healthy eating habits, I have a few tips to prevent you from mindless eating. 

HAVE A GAME PLAN : Before you get to the cookout, decide what you will be eating and drinking. This way you will hold yourself accountable.

BRING SOMETHING HEALTHY: Because I am a pescatarian, cookouts are like "carb central". As you know, I can't handle too many carbs, so I offer to bring a nice summer salad or fruit salad. 

PROTEIN FIRST: Fill up on your protein first. Don't get too crazy with the BBQ sauce. NOTE:Along with my green salad, I will bring my preferred veggie burgers, which is "Beyond Meat Plant-based Burgers" . I don't think you can ever go too wrong with deviled eggs. I load those things up on my plate. LOL!

HYDRATE: For every alcoholic beverage you drink 1 glass or a bottle of water. You'll be less likely to over eat this way.

PORTION CONTROL: You want to eat enough that you are satisfied, but not going back up for seconds. 

GET THAT ASS MOVING: If the cookout is in a big park, get out there with the kids and play catch, go running with the dog, or jump some rope! 

ENJOY YOURSELF: Most importantly, make sure you have a great time! If you fall of the wagon, it's okay. You are human. LOL! Just get back with it the next day!









What The Carb


Who doesn't love bread, cake, cookies A.K.A CARBS! One of the first things to go in a nutrition plan is the carbohydrates. They are reduced dramatically to help assist in your body goals. I am currently on a low carb meal plan, which means I eat some carbs. However, I have to be mindful of which ones I consume. Let me break it down for my Luvez!

Carbohydrates fall into two categories: multi-ingredient, complex carbs or single ingredient which are your simple carbs. Muti-ingredient carbohydrates are all yeast, mold, and gluten which means they are inflammatory foods that can reduce the metabolic rate. It can also stimulate food sensitivities like bloat and gas. Examples of multi-ingredient carbohydrates are bread, bagels, muffins, cakes, etc.  Don't be fooled by "whole wheat" grain breads that are colored darker or deemed as healthier. The fibers used in them are insoluble fibers, which are challenging for your body to digest.

On the flip side, single ingredient carbs like potatoes, yams, or oatmeal can be consumed daily. These support your energy source which have some anti inflammatory benefits. 



Under any circumstances, do I recommend a "no carb diet". In my opinion, it's not realistically sustainable. Shoot for a "low-carb diet" first. You would consume higher protein and fat and keep your carbs low. A good general rule for this diet is 25 percent carbohydrate, 25 percent fat, and 50 percent protein. In a nutshell, keep your carbs low and your protein high!








5 Low- Cal Cocktails

With it being summer, there are so many cookouts and festivities going on. I thought to myself. Wouldn't it be nice to share some low calorie drinks that wont damage the work you have been putting in.  So Here you go!!!

Tequila Sunrise

For this cocktail, mix a shot of tequila with 2 shots of orange juice and a splash of 100 percent cranberry juice. No added sugar is your BFF! Shake well and pour over ice.  Garnish with cherry (optional).

For this cocktail, mix a shot of tequila with 2 shots of orange juice and a splash of 100 percent cranberry juice. No added sugar is your BFF! Shake well and pour over ice.  Garnish with cherry (optional).

Classic Mojito

If you're a rum lover then, classic mojito is a great choice! Start by muddling 12 fresh mint leaves, juice of 1/2 a lime, tablespoon of simple syrup in a glass. Over that mixture, add a shot of rum and six ounces of seltzer for some fizz. 

If you're a rum lover then, classic mojito is a great choice! Start by muddling 12 fresh mint leaves, juice of 1/2 a lime, tablespoon of simple syrup in a glass. Over that mixture, add a shot of rum and six ounces of seltzer for some fizz. 

Wine Spritzer

For my posh ladies, a simple wine spritzer is always appropriate for a good cool down. 3/4 glass of super chilled wine, 1/4 glass of super cold club soda, slice of lime to garnish. 

For my posh ladies, a simple wine spritzer is always appropriate for a good cool down. 3/4 glass of super chilled wine, 1/4 glass of super cold club soda, slice of lime to garnish. 

Grapefruit Margarita

I don't know about you, but tequila is one of my faves! Mix a shot with the juice of one lime, 1/2 grapefruit and 3/4 shot of orange liqueur. Pass on the sugar or salted rim. We are keeping these calories down!

I don't know about you, but tequila is one of my faves! Mix a shot with the juice of one lime, 1/2 grapefruit and 3/4 shot of orange liqueur. Pass on the sugar or salted rim. We are keeping these calories down!

Vodka Club

When I am in a club or lounge atmosphere, this is my go to. a shot of vodka, 6 ounces of club soda, as many limes as your heart desires. 

When I am in a club or lounge atmosphere, this is my go to. a shot of vodka, 6 ounces of club soda, as many limes as your heart desires. 


Let me know how you make out with these recipes Luvez!!!


How To Tackle Cellulite


What exactly is cellulite? 

Most of us may know it as the dimpled or lumpy skin on our butt, thighs and legs. We can all agree that we just want it GONE already. LOL!  According to Mayo Clinic, some of the cause involves fibrous connective cords that tether the skin to the underlying muscle, with the fat lying between. As fat cells accumulate, they push up against the skin, while the long, tough cords pull down. This creates an uneven surface or dimpling.

Even I freaked out when I seen some dimples. She who works out 6 days a week. I was like WTF! 

"So how the heck do I get rid of it?", you ask. Though I can't tell you how to completely wipe it away, I can tell you how to eliminate as much as possible. Literally, 3 weeks ago, I challenged myself to implement more HIIT Cardio to my workouts and I have already seen the progressing results. In a nutshell, HIIT is a cardiovascular strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue. In addition to tweaking my cardio, I have also tightened up on my eating habits. Carbs breaks down to sugar which then promotes estrogen i.e leads to more cellulite. My recommendation is to keep your protein high and your carbohydrates as low as possible.  

Here's what I have added in between my lifting sets:

25 Jump Squats, 30 In & Out Squats, 20 Jump Lunges, 10 Single leg Glute Bridges

Repeat 3x

After each workout, I finish up with sprints, 30 seconds fast, 30 seconds rest. 10x

Ladies, I encourage you to try it out. I can guarantee that you will see a difference within the first week. Please keep in mind, that no one is perfect. We are women and you are absolutely beautiful the way you are. With that being said, do not be too hard on yourself. Know that this is a process. Consistency and commitment will get you the best results and leave you feeling amazing! 

Drop your comments below about your progress.










A Testimony To Iris Fit

A Testimony.png


November 2016……


I am a 57 year-old women. My life has been active and I have been committed to working out since I was 25 with running, Spin, yoga, Zumba and the craze of the moment. But, all of a sudden I was now a widow of six months, and I had just had a less than positive appointment with my internists after reviewing my lab work.


The doctor’s concern about sugars, nutrition, and vitamins was unnerving enough, but her suggestion that I add weight training to my heavy cardio-loaded workouts was instant anxiety…that week I met Iris and committed to IrisFit and received the support I needed to define my goals and lifestyle change.


Within a month I knew I had made the RIGHT decision to commit to IrisFit:

    • I benefitted from her expertise in physiology and skilled training.

    • I was able to focus on nutrition in a positive and sustainable way. I learned about protein and supplements that made me feel better.

    • I benefitted from the accountability we shared. Coach Iris was there for me and I did not want to let her down.

    • I was able to avoid depression that I feared by having the early morning routine to set my day positively and burn calories

    • I liked weight training and felt better about myself. I was stronger than I thought.

    • Taking IrisFit de-tox tea I no longer felt bloated


In August of 2017 I went sheepishly back for my annual check-up afraid to hear about bad cholesterol, weight, and other negatives from age. To my surprise and delight, the doctor was full of praise for the improvement of my results. When I told her about my IrisFit commitment, she said, “Stick with that workout. It is the best thing you can do for aging is sustain your balance and strength.” In fact, with IrisFit, I no longer need to take calcium.


Still working out with IrisFit every week and still love her energy, knowledge about fitness and healthy living, and commitment to helping others achieve their goals.


Thank you for all the positive in my life, IrisFit.


4 Ways To Slay A Sweet Potato

Hey, Luvez!


I am just obsessed with SWEET POTATOES! In fact, I incorporate it in my meal plans as a go to good carb for my clients. The yams have saved my yams by helping to satisfy my sugar cravings.

Not only can this veggie appease the sweet tooth, but it can also accommodate the savory flava, as well! Here are different ways you can slay your sweet potato. 

First, reheat oven to 400 degrees. Pierce 4 medium sweet potatoes (2 1/2 to 3 pounds) several times with a fork; place on a rimmed baking sheet. Bake until tender, 45 to 60 minutes. With a paring knife, cut an X in the top of each potato, and spread open. Add desired toppings immediately. Witness the slayage below.



BASIC SLAY: A dot of butter, sea salt, and pepper to taste.

FRENCH SLAY: Crumbled bleu cheese with toasted pecans. I know it sounds interesting but try it!

ALL AMERICAN SLAY: Dollop of sour cream, chopped chives, choice of bacon.  I do not eat meat so I would suggest trying Morning Star breakfast Strips. It will certainly POP!!!

IRIS'S SWEET SLAY: Dollop of vegan butter, sliced almonds, coconut flakes, lightly drizzled with agave. 

Try these out and let me know what you think!




Sh*t Happens: How To Handle Staying Fit While Being Stressed


I have reached out to my tribe asking for different topics to discuss. Stress while trying to get fit is a BIG one. Life happens to all of us. We all live within a new age modern day jacked up society... Am I Right.  LOL! However, that doesn't mean that we have to be the victim to our circumstance. Truth is, there will always be something unexpected that pops up. In life, it's not about what happens to you, it about your REACTION. With that being said, here are my suggestions for staying focused in stressful times.

1.STRESS EATING: Put the candy, cookies, cake, chips and ice cream down and walk away! It is super easy to go carb crazy in stressful times. It's the only thing in the world that will make us feel better. Nope, WRONG ANSWER! That is just the story you want to believe. When you are stressed, here's what I would like you to do. 

-DRINK YOUR H2O: If you're carb craving 9 times out of 10, you are dehydrated. I would also suggest drinking your favorite herbal tea. Instead of drinking sugary foolery like Hawaiian Punch or these sugar packed juices, drink something that nourishes the spirit.

-CARB CRAZY:  In any case you are still carb craving, I'd suggest resorting to crunchy veggies like cucumber and carrots dipped in your dressing of choice. I am obsessed with sweet onion (no more than 2 tbs).  Remember that carb craving is all in your mind. You actually want some crunch. Between the water within the veggies and the dressing, I would say that you should be satisfied.  If you feel that you are still hungry, take your tail to the kitchen and cook a meal. NO FRIED!! After that, your cravings for nonsense should be gone. 

2.BALANCING WORKING OUT WITH STRESS : Listen, I get it. You're stressed and don't want to do anything..... Nope, I actually don't get it. In fact, it's just another story that you are choosing to believe. Working out is a great stress RELIEVER! It actually promotes endorphins which results in positive energy A.K.A "happy thoughts". Yoga, Pilates, or a nice trail jog, are just a few ways that can help you feel better. Think of it this way. Would you rather dwell on your stress and be miserable or focus on your health and promote happiness within the body? You would be surprise on how our "spidey" senses work while being active. I have solved many of life issues while going for a run, walking, or just stretching. Moral of the story people is working out makes you feel better , so find you a workout that fits!

At the end of the day, what seems like it's bad, is never that bad. It can always be resolved. Just don't let it knock you down. Fight for your happy! 

I hope you guys are able to take from this post and apply it TODAY.

If there are other issues that you would like me to write about, shoot me an email and I'll get it done. 






My Tips For Melting Belly Fat


Who wants to have their cake and eat it to? Welp, that sounds like a dream. LOL! If you are seeking to shed belly fat, the last thing you want to do is have cookies, cakes, or ice cream on a daily basis. Instead, I am going to share my tips on melting the tummy and seeing that sculpted 6 pack. 


No Alcohol.jpeg

#1. ALCOHOL is the devil! Ha! If you are trying to snatch that waistline, drinking is the enemy. Due to the spirits being dense in calories, it can add to size of your stomach. Yikes! I know you don't want that. Just think about it this way. Would you eat a stick of butter? Probably not right. Every gram of alcohol contains the same amount of calories as a gram of butter. As a result, you will have a fuller stomach i.e weight gain. Note to self. Keep the drinking to none and/or minimal. 


#2. NUTRITION IS KEY! You have to eat clean, in order to, really see results. NO FRIED! Only baked, grilled, or broiled. Eliminate and/or control processed sugar and sodium. Always hydrate and drink plenty of water!


#3. JUST CRUNCHES WILL NOT GET YOU ABS. I'm here to share the harsh truth. Crunches will tone your abs. However, it will not shed the layer of fat sitting on top of them. To lose fat, you have to get your body moving!! One way that gets great results in little time is HIIT (high intensity interval training). It helps to increase the metabolic rate forcing your body to use up all stored energy A.K.A the "jiggly" in a shorter period of time. Performing HIIT movements for 20 minutes, 3 times a week would surely burn fat. I incorporate this style of training in my workout routines. 


#4. Don't Get stuck in a routine. SWITCH IT UP! Keep your muscles guessing. Switch up your moves every few weeks. The longer you commit to a program the more efficient the body becomes at doing it. In result, you use less energy and burn fewer calories.  You can make small adjustments to the exercises to you are performing.  For example. you can add more resistance or weight. Or add more reps. 


#5. DETOX TEA. In addition to your water intake and healthy nutrition, I highly recommend incorporating a detox tea. I have tried so many detox teas. Some don't work. Others work a little. My FAVORITE to date is the IASO TEA. It rids the body of toxins and impurities that we digest everyday. Consistency is key and it will surely eliminate any bulge or bloat that you have going on. 

 I hope my tips will help you in your journey to BEASTING that six pack. I am here for you to win! 





My Morning Mindset

When I wake up, I like to say a prayer then get my mind right for the gym. I am grateful for every day I am given the opportunity to LIVE. For a period of my life, I wasn't living. I wasn't learning, changing, or evolving.  And anything that does not grow is truly dead.  With the help of fitness, I was able to change my mindset and embrace new habits that helped me evolve into the woman you see today.

Practicing these habits really sets the tone for my day and puts me in a great state of mind. Everyone should be able to control their mood for the first 30 minutes of the day, in my opinion. Focusing my energy and mindset on the positive ensures that I'll have an amazing workout and a productive day. With a 5 AM wake up call, it's best to be in better spirits. Negative energy is too easy to give in to. So say a prayer, get focused, and prepare yourself to have a spectacular day!



Eat This, Not That


The trade off is real. Sometimes our taste senses dont't even realize when we make little switches. But some how the fat melts and the snatch happens. Here are some easy swaps that are lower in calories, super tasty, and gets you SNATCHED! 




Swap This.. Pasta

Swap This.. Pasta

For That.. Guilt Free Zoodles!

For That.. Guilt Free Zoodles!


Something about the shape of "zoodles" mocks the consistency of pasta. I know it's not the real thing, but trading the carbs for more veggies is a instant win! You can also zoodle zuchinni, squash, and carrots!

Swap This.... Cheese

Swap This.... Cheese

For Thats Nutritional Yeast

For Thats Nutritional Yeast


You all know that I was Vegan for 3 years. Now being an active pescatarian, I still have many vegan habits. I do not have dairy unless it's a special occasion. For many dishes that would normally require cheese, I'd prefer to use nutritional yeast or leave it out all together. You can go to Whole Foods and grab a few scoops to try it out. You'd be surprise of the cheesy like taste!

Swap this.... Soy Sauce

Swap this.... Soy Sauce

For That... Liquid Aminos

For That... Liquid Aminos


Soy sauce is known to be high in sodium. In other words, a major water retainer. To shed pounds and to help snatch the waste, we must maintain a low sodium intake. With that being said, liquid aminos is a great alternative. The taste is great without the crazy amount of sodium. 

Swap This... Bread

Swap This... Bread

For that... Gluten Free Tortilla

For that... Gluten Free Tortilla


Listen, I know bread is addictive. Do you know what bread turns into? SUGAR a.k.a the Devil! LOL! So try putting grilled chicken or some type of burger on a gluten free tortilla. It's still scrumptious without the added calories. 

Kill Sugar Cravings with this Amazing Smoothie!!


Chocolate, Nut, And Banana Smoothie


  • 1 frozen and sliced banana
  • 1/2 cup of Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup of Chocolate Almond Milk
  • 1 scoop of Chocolate Whey Protein Powder
  • 1 tbs peanut butter
  • 1tbs honey
  • 1 tbs flaxseed
  • pinch of cinnamon

Combine each ingredient and blend until its smooth. Add more frozen ingredients to create more thickness or more liquid for a juice effect. makes 2 servings. I thoroughly loved this smoothie.


Enjoy Luvez!





How To Get Back On Track When You F*ck Up Your Diet



So, you ate trash this weekend. Pizza, Burgers, Fries. GET OVER IT! It's not the end of the world. You're HUMAN right. Just take a deep breath and "Wuuuu Saaa". Don't be so hard on yourself and have a little compassion. Dwelling on it won't help the situation. It can, in fact, make you hungrier and lead you down a path of doom. Remember, it's all in your mind. Your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol, which is directly related to hunger. Now, let's move on. 



Drink your weight in ounces of water. Once again, until you feel really full. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, thats 160 ounces of H2O you have to drink on a daily basis. Personally, I like to have a gallon of water and mark how much I need to drink every hour. The goal here is to flush out the trash so that your body doesn't crave it. 



Do you have a particular bathing suit or bikini you would like to wear? Or maybe IG profiles that have the body goals that you crave? Surround yourself, with images of you and/or quotes that help you stay focused. Whatever it is that motivates you, find it and embrace it.



Luvez, you know I keep it 100% with you. You can't just workout and expect to achieve these amazing results. You have to properly plan you meals and training. On a weekly basis, you'll need to meal prep, plan your workout routines, rest days, and of course a cheat meal. 



Now, get to work!! Stay moving!! Know that you have the power to stay committed!

giphy-downsized (1).gif

My 4 Favorite Booty Exersises

Hey, Luvez!!

I get asked daily. "Iris what can I do to get a nice booty?" Just know, it takes consistency, eating clean, and time to come together. Trust the process and it will show through. 

Donkey Kicks 


Your focus is to really kick that leg up. Shoot for the sky.  Start out with 15 reps; 3 sets; each leg . For more of a workout, add resistance like leg weights or resistance bands. 

Single Leg Cross


This is a real glute burner. Don't be surprised if you feel it in your abs and thighs.  15 reps, 3 sets each leg. 

Back Alternating Lunges


These really get the heart rate pumping. I love adding these in between my lifting sets. Try these for 45 secs straight, 2x, 30 secs rest 

Jump Squats


You are going to feel these all over. When I first started doing jump squats, I felt all parts of me jiggle and it was extremely uncomfortable. As I stuck with it, the jiggly minimized and now I can do 50 straight without dying. LOL! For you, I recommend doing 15 jump squats for 3 sets. 

Here are my go to at home booty exercises. Give these a try and let me know what you think.


6 Healthy On The Go Snacks

6 Healthy On the Go Snacks

Hey Guys! When you’re about this healthy lifestyle, the way you snack changes dramatically. Ideally, you want something fast that still supports your fit goals. Between working out and running to appointments, snacks can get pretty tricky. Whether, I am traveling or just an extremely busy day, I’ve learned to keep healthy snacks in my purse. Check out my go to list on treats that are both deelish and nutritious!





Justins Snack Pack.jpg

Justin’s honey Peanut Butter +  Banana Chips


Gluten free snack with 5g of protein for a great energy boost!

Blue Diamond Whole Almonds.JPG

Blue Almond Whole Natural Almonds


These almonds are scrumptious and will fill you up!


Mamma Chia Green Magic Chia Squeeze

$25 (Pack of 16)

A 70 Calorie treat that provides you with Omega-3s, protein and fiber. So Bomb!

Power Crunch-ChocMint.jpg

Power Crunch Protein Bar - Chocolate Mint


With 13 grams of protein and chocolatey mint taste, this is ideal to satisfy your sweet tooth.

sabras Hummus with Pret.jpg

Sabras Hummus with Pretzels


Combo snack that has absolutely no cholesterol!


Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame with Sea Salt


With 13 grams of protein and 8g of fiber, this is the perfect heart healthy snack .


Detox Your Way to Snatched!!


Welcome to Squad Snatched!!

As you all start your fitness journeys, I wanted to share my detox tips that helped me along my way.

  1. Avoid any processed sugars - bread, candy, cake, chips, etc. THROW IT OUT.

  2. Drink a gallon of water a day - this will help to flush toxins

  3. Drink 2 - 3 glasses of IASO DETOX TEA - I still have a glass of tea with 3 of my meals. IASO tea gets rid of the parasites and toxins and purifies the bloodstream, kidney, liver. It aids in flushing the fat away. I ABSOLUTELY SWEAR BY THIS. 

  4. Leafy Greens are your best friend. You should have 5-6 cups of greens daily.

  5. Drink a tablespoon on of Apple Cider Vinegar daily. This will help to decrease appetite.

  6. No fried foods AT ALL

  7. Good Carbs - Brown rice, baked sweet potatoes, or Quinoa

  8. Regulate condiments

  9. Eat Lean Protein - chicken, turkey, fish

  10. Workout at least 30 minutes for 5 -6 days a week.  

  11. Avoid Dairy. The only exception is greek yogurt. Preferably with 15g protein.

Try out these wonderful tips and let me know of your results in our accountability group.

Remember, I am here to support you all in every way I can.